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amateur press association (plural amateur press associations)

  1. A group of people who collaborate on publishing a periodical for distribution internally to the group.
    • 1872 February, “Convention of Amateur Editors”, in The Typographic[1], volume 2, number 2, page 5:
      The Eastern Amateur Press Association held its first Convention at the St. Nicholas Hotel, New York, recently, and was attended by thirty members of the amateur Press.
    • 1990 Fall, Williamson, Chet, “Weird Tales Talks With Chet Williamson”, in Weird Tales[2], number 298, page 66:
      I was in the Esoteric Order of Dagon, which is an amateur press association dedicated to Lovecraft and weird fiction.
    • 1992, Bacon-Smith, Camille, Enterprising Women, →ISBN, pages 44–45:
      An amateur press association is a small group, seldom more than thirty and usually many fewer members, who collaborate in the publication of an apa.

Derived terms[edit]