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From amerikānis (American) +‎ -isks.


  • IPA(key): [amɛɾikāːnisks]


amerikānisks (definite amerikāniskais, comparative amerikāniskāks, superlative visamerikāniskākais, adverb amerikāniski)

  1. American (relating to American people or to the United States of America)
    amerikānisks ievads politoloģijāan American introduction to political science
    daudz izziņas materiālu par amerikānisko dzīves veidu gūs mūsu lasītāji, izlasot T. Dreizera romānu “Ģēnijs”our readers will obtain a lot reference material on the American way of life (by) reading T. Dreiser's novel “The Genius”
  2. American (relating to the American continents: North America (including Central America) and South America)

Usage notes[edit]

English “American” as an attributive adjective usually corresponds in Latvian to amerikāņu, the genitive plural form of amerikānis. The adjective amerikānisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is American”), or in its adverbial form amerikāniski.


Related terms[edit]