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From amerikānis (American) +‎ -isks.


  • IPA(key): [amɛɾikāːnisks]


amerikānisks (def. amerikāniskais, comp. amerikāniskāks, sup. visamerikāniskākais; adv. amerikāniski)

  1. American (relating to American people or to the United States of America)
    amerikānisks ievads politoloģijā‎ ― an American introduction to political science
    daudz izziņas materiālu par amerikānisko dzīves veidu gūs mūsu lasītāji, izlasot T. Dreizera romānu “Ģēnijs”‎ ― our readers will obtain a lot reference material on the American way of life (by) reading T. Dreiser's novel “The Genius”
  2. American (relating to the American continents: North America (including Central America) and South America)


Usage notes[edit]

English “American” as an attributive adjective usually corresponds in Latvian to amerikāņu, the genitive plural form of amerikānis. The adjective amerikānisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is American”), or in its adverbial form amerikāniski.

Related terms[edit]