anatomically correct

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anatomically correct (not generally comparable, comparative more anatomically correct, superlative most anatomically correct)

  1. Accurately depicting or replicating the body, or a body part, of a human being or animal.
    • 1987 Jan. 11, Cheryl P. Weinstock, "New Bone Bank Aids Hip Surgery," New York Times (retrieved 4 August 2013):
      Banked bone can also influence the contour of a facial restoration, according to Dr. Sachs, because it is more anatomically correct than a metal prosthesis.
  2. (euphemistic, of a doll, figurine, etc.) Possessing a physiologically accurate representation of sex organs.
    • 1992 Dec. 2, Robert Hanley, "Special Steps Asked for Figure Central to Sex Assault Trial," New York Times (retrieved 4 August 2013):
      Prosecutors in the Glen Ridge sex assault trial asked today for special courtroom arrangements . . . to allow her to use five anatomically correct dolls when she describes the episode to the jury.
    • 2001 June 24, Margaret Carlson, "New Lows for the News," Time:
      Aldrich goes on for five pages about the December day in 1994 when he helped decorate the White House Christmas tree with an anatomically correct gingerbread man.