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Anchusa strigosa
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From the genus name.


anchusa (plural anchusas)

  1. (botany) Any plant of the genus Anchusa (within family Boraginaceae) of rough and hairy Old World herbs with one-sided clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers.
    • 1835, Philip Miller, "Anchusa", entry in The Gardener's Dictionary, Volume I, 9th Edition, page 430,
      Anchusa and Cinnabar were used by the antients to give an agreeable colour to their ointments; and Pliny tells us that where the anchusa was used, they added salt to prevent the oil in those compositions from becoming rancid.
    • 1975, Ippolito Pizzetti, Henry Cocker, Flowers: A Guide for Your Garden, Volume 1, [page 55],
      Unfortunately, anchusas have the defect of being coarse in appearance, with hairy leaves and stems which are neither elegant nor graceful.
    • 2000, A. Cort Sinnes, The Big Book of Flowers, page number not shown,
      Related to the common annual form of forget-me-nots (Myosotis), the two species of anchusa produce some of the bluest of the blue flowers in the plant kingdom, and both are easy to grow.