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ancient astronaut (plural ancient astronauts)

  1. Any of the extraterrestrial beings that, according to the pseudoscientific belief of paleocontact, visited Earth in the distant past, influencing human culture, technology, or religion.
    • 2001, Charles M. Wynn, Arthur W. Wiggins, Sidney Harris, Quantum leaps in the wrong direction: where real science ends-- and pseudoscience begins, Joseph Henry Press, page 58:
      Is it possible for scientists to demonstrate that ancient astronauts have ever been here? No.
    • 2002, Michael Shermer, The Skeptic encyclopedia of pseudoscience, Volume 2, ABC-CLIO, page 530:
      Although academics have spent many hours showing the errors in von Däniken's reasoning, the Ancient Astronaut notion remains alive.
    • 2011, George Romero, The Rescue, George Romero, page 32:
      According to certain authors, intelligent extraterrestrial beings called ancient astronauts or ancient aliens have visited Earth, and this contacts is connected with the origins or development of human cultures, technologies, and religions.


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