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anemo- +‎ -phobia


anemophobia (uncountable)

  1. (rare, traditional Chinese medicine) Mild chills.
    • 1982, Keisetsu Ōtsuka, ‎Dōmei Yakazu, ‎Tōtarō Shimizu, Natural Healing with Chinese Herbs (page 521)
      Symptoms at the beginning of infection are anemophobia, low back pain, and a buoyant pulse in strong patients.
    • 1982, Robert J. Peshek, Searching for Health (page 61)
      The label on the company's literature states that the herb can be used in the therapy of rheumatism, obstetrical rheumatism, headache, anemophobia, paralysis, back neuralgia, bone pain, acute or chronic neuralgia and other pain caused by rheumatism.
    • 1984, Bulletin of the Oriental Healing Arts Institute of U.S.A.
      However, it differs from the latter in that a muscle-resolving drug is used in a conformation with fever, generalized aching, and hidrosis though the fever is not resolved by perspiration, and there are also the accompanying symptoms of chillphobia and anemophobia — a condition or conformation known as "surface weakness".