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animal liberation (uncountable)

  1. (ethics, social policy) A social movement dedicated to the advancement of the interests and rights of non-human animals, consisting of theorists and activists.
    • 1979, Christine Pierce, "Can Animals Be Liberated", Philosophical Studies, vol. 36, no. 1 (July), p. 69:
      In Animal Liberation, Peter Singer argues that supporters of liberation for blacks and women should support animal liberation as well and that the basic principle of equality used against racism and sexism should be extended to animals to eliminate speciesism.
    • 1987 Aug. 25, Keith Schneider, "Theft of Infected Cats From U.S. Lab Spurs Alert," New York Times (retrieved 4 March 2014):
      The Band of Mercy is one of a number of "animal liberation" groups that are active throughout the country. The groups have taken responsibility for a number of incidents, including stealing chickens from farms in Delaware and Maryland.
    • 2010 July 14, Adam Cohen, "Can Animal Rights Go Too Far?," Time (retrieved 4 March 2014):
      Then, in the 1970s, animal-liberation activists followed in the footsteps of the civil-rights movement, the women's liberation movement and the gay-rights movement, and argued that "species-ism" was wrong and had to be defeated.

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