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annoy +‎ -er


annoyer (plural annoyers)

  1. One who annoys.
    • 1577, Thomas Hill, The Gardener's Labyrinth, London, Chapter 28, p. 57,[1]
      This Authoure also writeth, that the Pismires are wicked annoyers to trees, which the Gardener or Husbandman sayeth hee, maye force to forsake and leaue, if he bestrike the neather partes of the Trees round aboute with the powder of the Ruddell, and Liquide pitche or Tarre, mixed togither []
    • 1774, Oliver Goldsmith, A History of the Earth: and Animated Nature, London: J. Nourse, Volume 7, Chapter 9, p. 202,[2]
      [] the Asiatics, who live in regions where serpents greatly abound, wear boots and long cloaths, which very well protect their lower parts from the accidental resentment of their reptile annoyers.
    • 1940, Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls, London: Jonathan Cape, Chapter 10, p. 110,[3]
      He was a great annoyer of girls, and he was a coward, and he had always wished to be an amateur bullfighter.