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anti- +‎ circus


anticircus (comparative more anticircus, superlative most anticircus)

  1. Opposing circuses.
    • 1974, Edwin Hardin Sutherland, Donald Ray Cressey, Criminology
      In some communities it was customary for ministers and priests to preach anticircus sermons in all churches on the Sunday preceding the circus.
    • 1990, Robert Bogdan, Freak show: presenting human oddities for amusement and profit
      Not until 1933 were all anticircus laws, except those regarding towns' rights to license circuses, repealed in that state (Thayer 1981).
    • 2005, Kim Masters Evans, Animal rights
      On its anticircus Web site, PETA lists hundreds of captive animal attacks it says have occurred since 1990. PETA claims that these rampages result from the animals' rebelling against years of abuse and deprivation.