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anti- +‎ contra


anticontra (not comparable)

  1. (1980s, now chiefly historical) Opposed to the Nicaraguan Contras, right-wing paramilitaries fighting the Sandinista regime.
    • 1988 May 6, S.L. Wisenberg, “Crime Story”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      In the Senate, Alan J. Dixon, new to the anticontra team, is part of a movement gathering signatures on a letter asking President Reagan to overturn the embargo if peace breaks out.
    • 1995 December 15, Robert McClory, “War on War”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Several weeks later Meyer, Kelly, and five others associated with the Pledge of Resistance, a national anticontra group, walked into the courtrooms of 11 judges at the Dirksen Federal Building, presented an "open letter" to the judges, and declared that an "emergency situation" had developed.