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Alternative forms[edit]


anti- +‎ life


antilife (comparative more antilife, superlative most antilife)

  1. (US, politics, derogatory) pro-choice
  2. (derogatory) antinatalist; supporting the use of contraception to space or limit births
    • 1962, "Roman Catholic Sees Trend To Downgrade Large Family", Lawrence Journal-World, 1962 June 26:
      A Roman Catholic says there is a trend nowadays to downgrade the family, making parents who are not limiting their families feel guilty.
      Rev. John C. Knight, speaking Monday night at the 28th National Catholic Family Life convention, said "there is an antilife campaign abroad in the land."
    • 1982, "Pope Speaks on the Sanctity of Marriage", The New York Times, 1982 June 1:
      While praising positive developments in family life, the Pope, who has taken a firm, conservative line on many social issues, said he "could not fail to draw attention to the negative phenomena."
      In particular, he cited "a corruption of the idea and experience of freedom, with consequent self-centeredness in human relations; serious misconceptions regarding the relationship between parents and children; the growing number of divorces; the scourge of abortion; the spread of a contraceptive and antilife mentality."
  3. Opposing the preservation of life in a particular situation
    • 1988, January 22, “Lawrence Bommer”, in Cries From the Mammal House[1]:
      Somewhat too neatly, Johnson divides his characters into pro- and antilife factions [] .