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appellation +‎ -al


appellational (not comparable)

  1. Relating to appellation or naming.
    • 1882, “Oddities of Personal Nomenclature”, in The Cornhill Magazine[1], volume 45, page 213:
      It will, moreover, be convenient to keep a separate place (6) for names attributable to miscellaneous fancies; while, lastly (7), we shall speak of those appellational oddities which cease to be oddities, or become less odd than before, when they area rightly understood.
    • 1995, Gregory Corso, “Bomb”, in John Bradley, editor, Atomic Ghost: Poets Respond to the Nuclear Age[2], page 49:
      From thy appellational womb / spew birth-gusts of great worms
    • 2012, Abné M. Eisenberg, Prescriptive Communication for the Healthcare Provider[3], page 256:
      In the military, appellational protocol is mandatory. A corporal or sergeant would never dare address a captain or a major by his or her first name.