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Alternative forms[edit]


From apple +‎ mush, or perhaps representing, in altered form, Middle English appelmos (applesauce). Compare Middle High German apfelmuos (stewed apples).


apple-mush (uncountable)

  1. The mush or puree of apples; applesauce.
    • 2005, C. Jacob, Destiny Or Deceit:
      “I thought we would have sausage sandwiches and this apple mush. That way we won't have to start the stove. Okay? I think there is still some cake in the cupboard.”
    • 2007, Joy Dettman, Goose Girl:
      Sally offered her mother a spoonful of apple mush. 'I can't eat, darling. Sister understands.'
    • 2012, Peter Redgrove, Collected Poems:
      In the smell of apple-mortality which is sweet, there are tears like windfalls Dried on our cheeks; this apple-mush, these tears the real home of all, Fruit, dog, woman, lover, ceaseless waterfall and ancient house, vaporous stairs that Wait for our ascending.
    • 2012, Diana K. Perkins, Jenny's Way:
      We would send the boys out to pick up apples and they would almost always come back covered in apple mush after throwing the rotten ones at each other.