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From Middle English *archebischopdom, from Old English ærċebiscopdōm (archiepiscopal dignity; archbishopric), equivalent to archbishop +‎ -dom.


archbishopdom (uncountable)

  1. (ecclesiastical) The realm, sphere, domain, office, or jurisdiction of an archbishop; archbishopric.
    • 1855, A general index to the publications of the Parker Society - Page 567:
      [...] some call it the sacrament of priesthood, of bishopdom, or of archbishopdom, [...]
    • 1982, Josefa Nina Lieberman, Beaumont, He came to Cambridge:
      In the not too distant past Salzburg had been an Archbishopdom ruled by her archbishops.
    • 1995, Erik Tiberg, Moscow, Livonia and the Hanseatic League: 1487-1550 - Page 191:
      The fines of 120 Mark remained unpaid, as the principals were said to have refused. One can understand that the three agents fled into the adjacent archbishopdom where they could not be reached by the guardians of Riga's law.