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armchair quarterback (plural armchair quarterbacks)

  1. (colloquial, idiomatic, chiefly US) A person who watches sports on television, typically American football, who often verbally suggests plays or critiques the players and coaches.
    My dad is such an armchair quarterback; he recognizes every bad decision the coach makes as soon as the play is over and he knows whether or not it worked.
    • 1959 Oct, “Notes on these changing times”, in Herbert L. Brown, Jr., editor, The Kiplinger Magazine: Changing Times[1], volume 13, number 10, Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., page 2:
      To turn an armchair quarterback into a triple-threat man, just ask him to rake the leaves. He'll put up a terrific kick, pass the buck to his kids, and put up a long run.
  2. (figurative, colloquial, idiomatic, chiefly US) A person who criticizes something in which they are not involved and lack expertise.

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