arse about

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Alternative forms[edit]


arse about

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see arse,‎ about.
    Quit arsing about and get to work!
  2. (archaic, slang) To turn round.


arse about ‎(not comparable)

  1. (slang) The wrong way round; exactly opposite to that which is desirable; contrary; conceptually inverted; wrong.
    You've got this arse-about!
    • 1995, David Wills, Prosthesis, Stanford University Press, page 207,
      For the dome of the belly turned arse about has its parallel in the eye that falls out like the contents of a broken egg and that in its evocation of and preempting of regeneration becomes, in Bataille's novel, unremittingly erotic and polymorphously perverse.
    • 2007, L. J. Spears, Jack Flagg, page 66,
      Strike me if wasn't thinking old Colonel Bill had got it arse about.
    • 2008, Kieran Kelly, Aspiring, Pan MacMillan Australia, page 65,
      ‘This is arse-about, you know,’ I said. ‘You′ve got the athletic skills, and I'm the one going mountain climbing. [] .’