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From Ancient Greek ἄρθρον (árthron, a joint) +‎ -ous.


arthrous (not comparable)

  1. (grammar) Of, pertaining to, or being the use of a term together with a grammatical article.
    • 1989, Brice L. Martin, Christ and the Law in Paul, Brill Archive, →ISBN, page 68:
      We have concluded that Paul does not distinguish between the arthrous and anarthrous use of nomos.
  2. (specifically, of a term or phrase) Used with or headed by a grammatical article.
    • 2006, Gary A. Long, Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek: Learning Biblical Greek Grammatical Concepts Through English Grammar, Hendrickson Publishers, →ISBN, page 148:
      One thing to understand is that Biblical Greek grammarians have simply found the phrase “predicate position” a convenient label to describe the word structure of
      demonstrative + arthrous noun (with article) or
      arthrous noun + demonstrative

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