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From artist +‎ -dom.


artistdom (plural artistdoms)

  1. The class or estate of artists.
    • 1906, Gulian Lansing Morrill, A Musical Minister:
      Since then I have learned there is no royal road to artistdom.
    • 2007, Stephen Earley Jordan II, Cold, Black, and Hungry:
      To claim his artistdom and his individuality Baldwin eventually fled the racially divided United States, as several other Black artists did. Many of the true artists' art suffered when they were part of the "Black" group, instead of being seen as an individual: as an artist, as opposed to the Black artist.
    • 2009, Josef Chytry, Unis Vers Cythère:
      [...] it is hardly surprising that this vision of a mode of governance aiming to surpass even the classical Athenian polis model has been largely forgotten — or, at most, vaguely glimpsed through intervening practices largely relegated to artistdoms (Kunstlertum, artistisme), bohemias, and countercultures.