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Learned borrowing from Latin articulus.[1][2][3][4] First attested in 1501–1558.[5]


  • IPA(key): /arˈtɨ.kuw/
  • (Middle Polish) IPA(key): /arˈtɨ.kuɫ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɨkuw
  • Syllabification: ar‧ty‧kuł


artykuł m inan (diminutive artykulik, augmentative artykulisko, related adjective artykułowy, abbreviation art. or artyk.)

  1. article, paper (published text in a newspaper or journal)
  2. article (part of a law)
  3. article, merchandise (object of sale)
    Synonyms: produkt, towar
  4. (religion) article (religious rule)
  5. (obsolete, grammar) article (part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun)
    Synonyms: przedimek, rodzajnik
  6. (obsolete, in the plural) regulations, laws; instructions
  7. (Middle Polish) crime; misdeed (illegal or wrong action)
    Synonyms: przestępstwo, występek


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According to Słownik frekwencyjny polszczyzny współczesnej (1990), artykuł is one of the most used words in Polish, appearing 13 times in scientific texts, 23 times in news, 58 times in essays, 6 times in fiction, and 2 times in plays, each out of a corpus of 100,000 words, totaling 102 times, making it the 614th most common word in a corpus of 500,000 words.[6]


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