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Alternative forms[edit]


as +‎ built. The noun is derived from the adjective.


asbuilt (not comparable)

  1. Describing or representing the actual appearance, condition, structure or function of a building project or design fabrication.


asbuilt (plural asbuilts)

  1. A field survey, construction drawing, 3D model, or other descriptive representation of an engineered project or a design.


  • Charles B. White. Hoboken (2000) Turf Managers Handbook for Golf Course Construction, Renovation and Grow-In, New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons: “Bunker flushouts can be more difficult to relocate because of a lack of cross-measurement references from adjacent irrigation heads. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure their location on an asbuilt and then be properly marked with metal washers so they can be found with a metal detector.”
  • 2003: Microsoft Windows Server 2003: Unleashed. Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, Alex Lewis. Indianapolis, Indiana: Sams Publishing, 2003.
    The configuration document, often referred to as an as-built, details a snapshot configuration of the Windows Server 2003 system as it is built.
  • 2004: The Project Management Communications Toolkit. Carl L. Pritchard. Norwood, Massachusetts: Artech House, 2004.
    As the name implies, the as-built drawings are made up of graphic representations of the final project deliverables. Such representations may range from drawings of buildings to electrical schematics to process flow diagrams.
  • Dennis Lock (2007), “Project Management”, in (please provide the title of the work), Burlington, Vermont: Gower Publishing, Ltd.: “An as-built record will be particularly important, yet most difficult to achieve, if there is any expectation that the customer will resurrect a cancelled project at a later date.”
  • 2007: Oxford Planning Board Meeting Minutes. Planning Board. Town of Oxford, Massachusetts, July 9th, 2007.
    Mr. G... stated that [he] had not submitted an As-Built as of yet and that there were only minor changes from the approved site plan. The As-Built will be submitted prior to the next meeting.