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a- +‎ search.



asearch (comparative more asearch, superlative most asearch)

  1. (archaic, poetic, rare) Searching.
    • a. 1904, Ira Billman, "The Birthplace of Sublimity", in, 1904, Songs of All Seasons, The Hollenbeck Press, page 181 [1]:
      Assured henceforth, where'er I go
      Asearch tho' loftiest solitude,
      Or in the thundering Vatican,
      There's naught sublime but Man!
    • a. 1907, Martha Virginia Burton, "Under Gold Helmets", in, 1907, Sons of the Sun, Bessette & Son, page 91 [2]:
      Great sons were they, when race leapt into moods,
      Cultures and teachers even as in our day,—
      Who come asearch for truth, discover it,
      And so hang new suns 'cross the human way.
    • 1916, Casper Salathiel Yost, Patience Worth: a psychic mystery, page 283:
      Swift as light-flash o' storm, swift, swift, / Would I send the wish o' thine asearch.