ashes of rose

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Alternative forms[edit]


From the fading color of wilted roses.


ashes of rose pl (plural only)

  1. A pinkish gray color.
    • 1883 (December), Julia C. R. Dorr, "Bermudian Days", The Atlantic Monthly, page 789
      There are star-fish, sea-urchins, and sea-anemones, — gorgeous creatures in ashes of rose and orange, or in pink and brown with dashes of yellow.
    • 1922, Edward Stratton Holloway, The practical book of furnishing the small house and apartment, page 47:
      White and black added to the above combinations result in the quieter tones and tints of these — such as old rose, ashes of rose, salmon, red-brown, terra-cotta, brick red and the series of pinkish to orange greys.