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From assert +‎ -or.


assertor (plural assertors)

  1. One who asserts or avers.
    • 2017 Mario von der Ruhr, et al: Religion and Wittgenstein's Legacy; ISBN 0-7546-3986-X
      When Wittgenstein says that he cannot contradict the assertor of a Last Judgement, he uses (repeatedly) the first person singular. There is no argument that the impossibility of his contradicting the man is a result of his not himself being a religious man, or not being a participant in any religious life, the result, that is, of some condition such that, if anyone were in that condition, he also would not be able to contradict the assertor. He mentions the case of an atheist who does contradict the assertor, and asks whether the atheist means the same by a Last Judgement as does the assertor, but replies that the criterion for meaning the same isn't clear.
  2. One who supports, affirms, defends, or vindicates; a champion.
    • 1659, J[ohn] M[ilton], “To the Parlament of the Commonwealth of England with the Dominions therof”, in Considerations Touching the Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings out of the Church. [], London: [] T[homas] N[ewcombe] for L[ivewell] Chapman [], →OCLC:
      [I]t is a deed of higheſt charitie to help undeceive the people, and a vvork vvorthieſt your autoritie, in all things els authors, aſſertors and novv recoverers of our libertie, to deliver us, the only people of all Proteſtants left ſtill undeliverd, from the oppreſſions of a Simonious decimating clergie; []

Alternative forms[edit]



Alternative forms[edit]



assertor m (genitive assertōris); third declension

  1. assertor
  2. restorer or champion of liberty


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative assertor assertōrēs
Genitive assertōris assertōrum
Dative assertōrī assertōribus
Accusative assertōrem assertōrēs
Ablative assertōre assertōribus
Vocative assertor assertōrēs


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