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atto- +‎ second


attosecond (plural attoseconds)

  1. (metrology) An SI unit of time equal to 10−18 seconds. Symbol: as
    • 2011 Barry Allen in Superman 709
      I can think at the speed of light, I can perceive events that last for less than an attosecond, I can run faster than time. What do I see when I run across the country, Superman? I see everything. And everyone.
    • 2017, D. E. Rivas, A. Borot, D. E. Cardenas, G. Marcus, X. Gu, D. Herrmann, J. Xu, J. Tan, D. Kormin, G. Ma, W. Dallari, G. D. Tsakiris, I. B. Földes, S.-w. Chou, M. Weidman, B. Bergues, T. Wittmann, H. Schröder, P. Tzallas, D. Charalambidis, O. Razskazovskaya, V. Pervak, F. Krausz & L. Veisz, “Next Generation Driver for Attosecond and Laser-plasma Physics”, in Scientific Reports, volume 7:
      The observation and manipulation of electron dynamics in matter call for attosecond light pulses, routinely available from high-order harmonic generation driven by few-femtosecond lasers.