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From auksts (cold) +‎ -ums.


aukstums m (1st declension)

  1. cold (the quality, the fact of something, or the surroundings, being cold)
    ledains aukstums — icy cold
    trīcēt no aukstuma — to shiver from the cold
    pierast pie aukstuma — to get used to the cold
    uznāca aukstums — the cold (= cold weather) has come
    nolikt ēdienu aukstumā — to put food in the cold (= a cold place)
    tuvojas aukstuma vilnis no ziemeļiem — a cold front is approaching from the north
  2. cold (sensation caused by low temperature; chills)
    aukstums pārskrēja pār kauliem — the cold ran through (someone's) bones
  3. coldness (a dry, detached, unresponsive attitude)
    just drauga balsī aukstumu — to feel coldness in a friend's voice
    viņš šajās acīs bieži pamanīja aukstumu — he often noticed cold/coldness in those eyes