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Alteration of austs ‘cooled’, past participle of dialectal aũsīt, aũsēt ‘to cool off, down’, ausināt(to cool off hot food, with a spoon) (compare Lithuanian áušti(to cool down)), from Proto-Indo-European *h₃eug- (compare Latin autumnus, Old Irish úacht, Old Armenian ոյծ(oyc)). The -k- may be due to contamination with obsolete aukt(to be cool, cold), sporadically attested in 18th-century sources.[1]




auksts (def. aukstais, comp. aukstāks, sup. visaukstākais; adv. auksti)

  1. cold (an object or substance that has a relatively low temperature)
    auksts roka‎ ― cold hands
    auksts ūdens‎ ― cold water
    auksta tēja‎ ― cold tea
    ēdiens ir jau auksts‎ ― the food is already cold
    auksts kā ledus‎ ― cold as ice
    aukstais karš‎ ― the cold war
  2. cold (weather, air temperature during a certain period of time)
    auksts rudens, pavasaris‎ ― a cold autumn/fall, spring
    auksts rīts‎ ― a cold morning
    kļūst auksts‎ ― it is getting cold
    šodien ir ļoti auksts‎ ― today it is very cold
  3. associated with the feeling or sensation of cold
    gājējam kļūst auksti‎ ― the passer-by/pedestrian got cold
    auksti drebuļi‎ ― cold shivers, chills
    aukstas trīsas‎ ― a cold thrill
    man auksts pārskrēja pār visu muguru‎ ― a cold (chill) ran through my spine, back
  4. food which is to be eaten cold
    aukstie ēdieni, uzkodas‎ ― cold food, appetizers
    aukstais galds‎ ― cold table (= table with cold food)
  5. (figuratively) cold (one who does not care about the feelings of others; insensitive, rude)
    auksts prāta cilvēks‎ ― a cold-minded person
  6. (figuratively) cold (of a gesture or behavior typical of an insensitive or rude person)
    auksts skatiens, smaids‎ ― a cold look, smile
    auksta uzņemšana‎ ― a cold reception




Derived terms[edit]


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