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  • IPA(key): /sɪlts/
  • Rhymes: -ɪlts
  • (file)



  1. third-person singular simple present indicative of silt




From the (intransitive) verb silt (to warm up, to grow warm) (q.v.), of which it is the past participle,[1] from Proto-Indo-European *ḱelh₁-; cognate with Latin caleō (to be warm).


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silts (definite siltais, comparative siltāks, superlative vissiltākais, adverb silti)

  1. warm (with moderately high, generally pleasant temperature)
    silts lietus, vējšwarm rain, wind
    silta krāsnswarm oven
    silti garaiņiwarm vapor
    silta roka, elpawarm hand, breath
    silta maizewarm (i.e., freshly made) bread
    silts pienswarm (i.e., freshly drawn) milk
    siltais avotswarm spring
    piecpadsmit grādu silts ūdens15°C (59°F) (warm) water
  2. (of places, time periods) warm (characterized by moderately high, usually pleasant, air temperatures)
    silts rudens, ziema, oktobriswarm autumn, winter, October
    silts rīts, vakarswarm morning, evening
    silta istabawarm room
  3. (of sources of heat) warm (irradiating a moderate, usually pleasant, amount of heat)
    silta ugunswarm fire
    silta pavasara saulewarm spring sun
  4. (of body or bodily feelings) warm (relating to a feeling of warmth)
    man kļūst tik siltiI am getting so warm
    vecais vīrs jūt siltu vilni krūtīsthe old man felt a warm wave in his chest
  5. (of colors) warm (reflecting the feeling of warmth and comfort of the surroundings)
    kabinetā bija sārti brūnas, siltas krāsas mēbelesin the office there was reddish brown, warm-colored furniture
  6. (of sounds) warm (pleasant to hear)
    silta balssa warm voice
  7. (of clothes) warm (offering good protection against the cold)
    silts mēteliswarm coat
    silta cepurewarm hat
    silta veļawarm clothes
    siltas zeķeswarm socks
  8. warm (ready to be used, at the right temperature for use)
    siltie ēdieniwarm food, dishes
    siltās brokastiswarm breakfast
    siltais galdswarm table (i.e., with warm food)
    siltās kompresses, peldeswarm compresses, baths
  9. (of people, their behavior) warm (empathetic, kind, friendly, warm-hearted)
    silts cilvēkswarm human being
    silts skatiens, smaidswarm look, smile
    silti vārdi, sveicieniwarm words, greetings
    silta pateicībawarm thanks




Derived terms[edit]


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