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Either the Latin aurōre(us) + the English -an or formed from the two English elements auror(a) +‎ -ean.



aurorean (comparative more aurorean, superlative most aurorean)

  1. Belonging to the dawn, or resembling it in brilliant hue.
    • 1819, John Keats, “Ode to Psyche”,[source] lines 20–23:
      At tender eye-dawn of aurorean love: // The winged boy I knew; // But who wast thou, O happy, happy dove? // His Psyche true!
    • 1860, Owen Meredith, “Lucile”, part II, canto v, § xv,[source] lines 7–11:
      […] There, hover’d in light, // That image aloft, o’er the shapeless and bright // And Aurorean clouds, which themselves seem’d to be // Brilliant fragments of that golden world, wherein he // Had once dwelt, a native!
    • 1880, Algernon Charles Swinburne, “Birthday Ode”,[source] lines 337–342:
      From dawn of man and woman twain and one, // When the earliest dews impearled // The front of all the world // Ringed with aurorean aureole of the sun, // To days that saw Christ’s tears and hallowing breath // Put life for love’s sake in the lips of death.



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