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  1. present participle and gerund of author


authoring (plural authorings)

  1. The process of creating the content of a document or other content item, i.e., writing or composition.
  2. The result of this process; a writing or composition.

Usage notes[edit]

The sense of the process of composition is very common in computing and multimedia. Also often in attribution: an authoring tool, i.e. a tool used for authoring.


  • 1995, Hazel Henderson, Paradigms in Progress [1]
    Hence our readings and subsequent authorings tend to be partial and one sided, [...]
  • 1999, Edward W Soja, Postmetropolis [2]
    While these authorings have not gone uncontested, unopposed, unresisted, they have been hegemonic.
  • 2003, A. Robert Lee, Multicultural American Literature [3]
    English-language authorings offer a complement.
  • 2004, Lee Purcell, Making DVDs [4]
    The DVD authoring in this process relies on providing a digital master of the video and a time-coded VHS cassette to the person handling the authoring.

Derived terms[edit]