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auto- +‎ fire


autofire (uncountable)

  1. (video games) A feature on a joystick that permits automatic firing, as though the player were repeatedly pressing the fire button.
    • 1988, Operation Wolf (review), Crash issue 59 (December 1988)
      You start off with just seven clips of ammo and five grenades — so all you autofire merchants are in trouble. Only real soldiers, with an accurate eye and careful trigger finger need apply here.
    • 1989, Popular Mechanics (volume 166, number 10, October 1989)
      High-speed autofire and a choice of two joystick sizes are featured.
    • 1990, Letters, Your Sinclair issue 51 (March 1990)
      Also the crappy joystick, the SJS1, is useless. It's as stiff as a Skoda's steering and there's no autofire on it. I can't help thinking that I made the worst investment of my life by buying this computer.


autofire (third-person singular simple present autofires, present participle autofiring, simple past and past participle autofired)

  1. (video games, weaponry) To automatically fire.

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