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Borrowed from Latin autumnus (autumn, fall), of uncertain etymology. First attested in 1306, replacing several inherited forms (cf. proto-Italian octummio, attested in a Latin document from 762, via Late Latin autumnius). The Latin etymon is directly continued by Romanian toamnă, Aromanian toamnã (unless these reflect the variant in a-), Italian autono (Northern Italy, 15th c.), Romansch utuon (Engadine), Spanish otoño (→ Logudorese Sardinian atónzu, Campidanese atógniu), Portuguese outono, and via Vulgar Latin *atumnus by Friulian atum (october), Romansch atun (Sursilvan), aton (Surmiran). Provençal autoun (autumn harvest) could be Latin-influenced; French autonne is likely, and Catalan autumne certain to be a borrowing from Latin.


  • IPA(key): /awˈ
  • Audio:(file)
  • Rhymes: -unno
  • Hyphenation: au‧tùn‧no



autunno m (plural autunni)

  1. autumn, (US) fall

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