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a- +‎ wash


  • IPA(key): /əˈwɒʃ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɒʃ


awash (comparative more awash, superlative most awash)

  1. Washed by the waves or tide (of a rock or strip of shore, or of an anchor, etc., when flush with the surface of the water, so that the waves break over it); covered with water.
    • 1835, Martin White, Sailing Directions for the English Channel[1], London: The Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, page 26:
      The former rock is awash at low water []
    • 1904, Jack London, chapter 39, in The Sea-Wolf (Macmillan’s Standard Library), New York, N.Y.: Grosset & Dunlap, →OCLC, page 319:
      The deck was continually awash with the sea which came inboard over the rail and through the scuppers.
    • 1979, Leonard Cohen (lyrics and music), “Ballad of the Absent Mare”, in Recent Songs:
      but the river’s in flood / and the roads are awash / and the bridges break up / in the panic of loss.
  2. (by extension) Covered, overspread (with or in something).
    • 1953, James Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain, New York, N.Y.: Knopf, →OCLC, part 2 (The Prayers of the Saints), page 80:
      Tonight, his mind was awash with visions:
    • 1981, William Irwin Thompson, The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture, London: Rider/Hutchinson & Co., page 162:
      In the Sumerian language the word for water also means semen, and since Enki is the god of water, he is therefore the god of semen. In this ode to the Great Father, the land of the Sumerians is literally awash with semen.
    • 2005, Chris Ramirez, 2nd find excites museum diggers," The Arizona Republic, 26 Aug,
      The Valley landscape was more awash with greenery some 11,000 years ago.
    • 2011 September 2, Phil McNulty, “Bulgaria 0-3 England”, in BBC[2]:
      Bulgaria's only attacking weapon was the wayward shooting of Martin Petrov, whereas England's attacking options were awash with movement in the shape of Rooney, Young and Walcott.
    • 2019, Lucy Ellmann, Ducks, Newburyport[3], Galley Beggar Press:
      [] the whole country’s awash in guns and Bibles,
    • 2019 December 10, Yacht Club Games, "Story" (Liquid Samurai), in Shovel Knight Showdown (version 4.1), Nintendo Switch, scene: opening:
    • 2022 November 16, Paul Bigland, “From rural branches to high-speed arteries”, in RAIL, number 970, page 55:
      Brighton station is awash with people paying a visit to the seaside.