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away team (plural away teams)

  1. (sports) The visiting team; the team that is playing away from home.
    • 1960, Peter Lynn Kasson, An Analysis of College Basketball Officiating, page 25:
      Comparisons were made between the home and away team's number of fouls and violations.
    • 1997, Jens Bangsbo, Thomas Reilly, Mike Hughes, Science and Football III: Proceedings of the Third World Congress of Science:
      During this analysis, it became apparent that the home team seemed to be receiving proportionately greater generosity from the referee than the away team.
    • 2000, Paul Downward, Alistair Dawson, The Economics of Professional Team Sports:
      They also echo Jennett (1984), in using a variable measuring away team market size.
    • 2005, Susan B. Gerber, Using SPSS for Windows: Data Analysis and Graphics, page 79:
      In 56 games, the home team was favored and the away team won.
    • 2007, Sophia Jowett, David Lavallee, Social Psychology in Sport, p. 108:
      He found no differences between home and away team performances when spectators cheered before the start of a play.


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