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Blend of baby +‎ honeymoon.





babymoon (plural babymoons)

  1. A period of calm spent together by a newborn baby and its parents.
    • 2010, Caroline Deacon, The Babymoon Experience, unnumbered page:
      You and your partner should by now have agreed on your ideal babymoon together, so how it looks will be unique to you. If you already have children, you can involve them in the planning, perhaps with some special babymoon treats organised just for them: friends or relatives taking them out for the day for a special excursion, for example.
    • 2014, Iniobong Obong, From Paralympics to Olympics Glory[1], page 20:
      However, these outsiders spot the first signs of trouble when the babymoon refuses to wane, as they recognize this as an indication that weaning has not yet begun.
  2. A last vacation taken by expectant parents before a baby is born.
    • 2007, Linda Oatman-High, The Hip Grandma's Handbook[2], page 8:
      The trendiest new trend among young expectants is to go on a “babymoon.” You know, like a honeymoon except the woman is fatter, and there's not as much action.
    • 2014, Jill Hoefs, Denise Jagroo, Your Best Pregnancy, page 84:
      Humidity and flying will worsen your sausage-like legs, so a trip to the Caribbean rain forest is not an ideal babymoon destination.



babymoon (third-person singular simple present babymoons, present participle babymooning, simple past and past participle babymooned)

  1. To travel on or spend a babymoon.


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