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From back +‎ court.


backcourt (plural backcourts)

  1. (chiefly Scotland) A courtyard behind a housing block or tenement building.
    • 2008, James Kelman, Kieron Smith, Boy, Penguin 2009, p. 77:
      Some backcourts had wee outside buildings. They had caved-in roofs and tile chimneys broke off and all smashed windows.
    • 2011, Brian McHugh, The Guardian, 8 Jan 2011:
      Each unique backcourt was an adventure playground with walls to be climbed, chasms to be leaped and dustbins to be raked through and pillaged.
  2. (basketball) A team's defensive half of the court; the part of the court where the other team's basket is located, or the guards playing in that area.
    • 2009, January 2, “Howard Beck”, in Knicks Will Continue to Be Walsh’s Work in Progress in 2009[1]:
      So the Knicks, who began the season with a depleted frontcourt, have muddled through the last six weeks with a depleted backcourt as well.

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