baffed out

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Alternative forms[edit]


baffed out (comparative more baffed out, superlative most baffed out)

  1. (chiefly Canada, informal) Worn out, exhausted, in dilapidated condition.
    • 2005, Lisa Lynne Moore, Open, Anansi (Canada), →ISBN, pp. 94-95:
      My feet are wet. The Velcro gives when I walk and I have to bend over, with Pete in my arms, in the mall or near the parking meter outside the supermarket, to secure the flap, and it gives again. The boots are baffed out.
    • 2008, Hans Werner, "From sublime icon to camp spectacle" (review of Inventing Niagara: Beauty, Power and Lies by Ginger Strand), Toronto Star (Canada), 29 June (retrieved 3 May 2009):
      A baffed-out old schooner called The Michigan was being sent over the cataract.
    • 2009, William Weatherstone, "How I Got Started," (Canada):
      [H]e had spent all day in the tavern, with the boys. By the time he got home and ready for work, he was pretty baffed out.