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From balsam +‎ -y.



balsamy (comparative more balsamy, superlative most balsamy)

  1. Like balsam, as of balsam.
    • 1862, Various, Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 61, November, 1862[1]:
      Autumn was in the land, and the trees were golden and crimson, And from the luminous boughs of the over-elms and the maples Tender and beautiful fell the light in the worshippers' faces, Softer than lights that stream through the saints on the windows of churches, While the balsamy breath of the hemlocks and pines by the river Stole on the winds through the woodland aisles like the breath of a censer.
    • 1904, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908[2]:
      Beyond that there was a lane between ranks of young, balsamy, white-misted firs and then an open pasture field, sere and crispy.
    • 1920, Bertrand W. Sinclair, Poor Man's Rock[3]:
      It was pleasant now to sit on his own doorstep and smell the delicate perfume of the roses and the balsamy odors from the woods behind.





  1. nominative plural of balsam
  2. accusative plural of balsam
  3. vocative plural of balsam