banana bender

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Alternative forms[edit]


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banana bender (plural banana benders)

  1. (Australia, humorous) An inhabitant of Queensland.
    • 2003, Rosemary Patterson, Journey Great Barrier Reef: An Adventure Novel Set in Australia[1], page 17:
      “Not now, you banana bender! The Commencement Speech takes place at the dinner tonight.”
      Banana bender! I'm not from Queenland, I'll ‘ave you know. And I needs to test out the mike in advance. Always have trouble with those things.”
    • 2007, Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push[2], page 137:
      If Billy Lane hadn't given him such a firm handshake, Henry reckons he'd be wondering if all the Banana-benders shook like a girl.
    • 2007, Raymond Evans, A History of Queensland[3], page 219:
      In comparison with other Australians, they were considered an odder sort of people – the banana-benders of Banana-land – a heat-stroked and skin-cancered people, dogged, ‘unimaginably tough and undeniably brittle’.
    • 2011, Reynold Conger, Chased Across Australia[4], page 180:
      Terry nodded. “Yes, you don't have too many cars to contend with here, and we banana benders are rather courteous, especially once we realize you're a tourist. Just be careful on the curves, especially where the road goes along the bluffs.”