banana bender

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Alternative forms[edit]


banana bender ‎(plural banana benders)

  1. (Australia, humorous) An inhabitant of Queensland.
    • 2003, Rosemary Patterson, Journey Great Barrier Reef: An Adventure Novel Set in Australia, page 17,
      “Not now, you banana bender! The Commencement Speech takes place at the dinner tonight.”
      Banana bender! I'm not from Queenland, I'll ‘ave you know. And I needs to test out the mike in advance. Always have trouble with those things.”
    • 2007, Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push, page 137,
      If Billy Lane hadn't given him duch a firm handshake, Henry reckons he'd be wondering if all the Banana-benders shook like a girl.
    • 2007, Raymond Evans, A History of Queensland, page 219,
      In comparison with other Australians, they were considered an odder sort of people – the banana-benders of Banana-land – a heat-stroked and skin-cancered people, dogged, ‘unimaginably tough and undeniably brittle’.
    • 2011, Reynold Conger, Chased Across Australia, page 180,
      Terry nodded. “Yes, you don't have too many cars to contend with here, and we banana benders are rather courteous, especially once we realize you're a tourist. Just be careful on the curves, especially where the road goes along the bluffs.”