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Queensland +‎ -er


Queenslander (plural Queenslanders)

  1. A person from Queensland.
    • 1977, Rotary International, 1977 Proceedings: Sixty-Eighth Annual Convention of Rotary International:
      In view of the rapid development of Queensland, our prosperity and our major contribution to the nation and to world trade, I believe it is significant that a Queenslander should be honoured with such a high position in Rotary.
    • 2004, Mark Browning, Rod Marsh: A Life in Cricket:
      In reality the selectors' decision was between Marsh and John Maclean and the Queenslander got the nod.
    • 2009, Darryl Greer, The Election:
      Takada had the added advantage of being a Queenslander, although from the other end of the state. But to a native north Queenslander, that was better than being from Melbourne.
  2. A house built in an architectural style found in Queensland, that style being wide verandahs around the house and the house raised up on stumps about 2 metres off the ground.
    • 1994, Ross Fitzgerald, "Red Ted": the life of E. G. Theodore:
      Originally built in 1907 and designed by New Zealand-born architect RS (Robin) Dods, Alma-den was a high-set Queenslander, with a large verandah around three sides of the house. Underneath in the front, Ted had a small study-cum-library-cum-hobby space, and from the time the family moved to New Farm he began to collect a library.
    • 2003, Darroch Donald, Footprint East Coast Australia: Sydney to Cairns:
      ...is a conveniently located 4-star B&B in a restored traditional Queenslander, offering 6 spacious en suites and 1 luxury suite with spa, pool and off-street parking.
    • 2006, Frank Stewart, Larissa Behrendt, Barry Lopez, Where The Rivers Meet: New Writing from Australia,
      Any house built substantially of wood and lasting more than twenty years is now a "Queenslander" it seems and commands a premium.