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From Ancient Greek βαναυσικός (banausikós, of or for mechanics), from βάναυσος (bánausos, mechanical, ironsmith), from βαύνος (baúnos, furnace, forge).



banausic (comparative more banausic, superlative most banausic)

  1. Mechanical; materialistic, uncultured.
  2. utilitarian


  • 1957: Lawrence Durrell, Justine, Faber, page 67
    who almost by mistake pierced the hard banausic shell of Alexandria
  • 2003: Roy Porter, Flesh in the Age of Reason, Penguin 2004, page 456

But how could man respect himself when he was always being brought down to earth by the most banausic things?

  • 2007, The Times [1]
    You could fake philosophical unconcern, implying that such banausic matters are best left to your estate agent and factor: “I quite forget: my people look after such things.”