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bandbox +‎ -y


bandboxy (comparative more bandboxy, superlative most bandboxy)

  1. resembling a bandbox
    • 1902, Anna Chapin Ray, Phebe, Her Profession[1]:
      Fancy Archie Holden, after having all the Rocky Mountains for his workshop, coming back and settling down into one of these bandboxy little towns!
    • 1863, Bayard Taylor, The Lands of the Saracen[2]:
      The alforjas, or saddle-bags, of the guide were strengthened by a stock of cold provisions, the leathern bota hanging beside it was filled with ripe Granada wine; and now behold me ambling over the Vega, accoutred in a gay Andalusian jacket, a sash woven by Mateo Ximenes, and one of those bandboxy sombreros, which I at first thought so ungainly, but now consider quite picturesque and elegant.