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band +‎ leading


bandleading (not comparable)

  1. Leading a band
    • 2005 May 13, Neil Tesser, “Vijay Iyer Quartet With Rudresh Mahanthappa”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Great jazz quartets have often flowered when a bandleading pianist finds a soulmate on sax: Monk and Charlie Rouse, for instance, or Brubeck and Paul Desmond.


bandleading (uncountable)

  1. The art of leading a band
    • 1997 June 6, Neil Tesser, “Yoron Israel Quintet”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      But Israel belongs to the select group of drummers--Art Blakey, Max Roach, Paul Motian, and Ronald Shannon Jackson among them--who approach bandleading with fresh and distinctive vision.
    • 2001 March 23, Neil Tesser, “Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Gonzalez has undoubtedly developed his musical facility by learning to occupy either the foreground of a piece as a trumpeter or its background as a conguero; his bandleading and horn playing have kept him pretty busy over the years, but he easily could've succeeded as a drummer.
    • 2007 June 9, Ben Ratliff, “Vamps, Grooves and All Sorts of Ideas, Old and New”, in New York Times[4]:
      [] it’s taken a while for him to bring his ideas about composition and bandleading into balance with his own playing.

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