bang down the door

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Alternative forms[edit]


bang down the door (third-person singular simple present bangs down the door, present participle banging down the door, simple past and past participle banged down the door)

  1. (idiomatic, colloquial) To present oneself as a strong candidate for a role or achievement, explicitly or implicitly.
    • 2018 Ben Collins, Two rookie Saints earn new contracts Australian Football League, 16 October 2018. Accessed 2 May 2019.
      "He's proved himself as a handy wingman and forward at VFL level and I'm sure he'll be banging down the door for senior selection next year."
  2. To demand something.
    • 2019 Ed Kilgore, Can Progressives Forgive Kamala Harris Her Past Moderation? New York, 9 April 2019. Accessed 2 May 2019.
      “There’s an important role to play on the outside, banging down the door, on bended knee, trying to change the system,” she recounted in an interview in 2018 on the popular hip-hop morning show the Breakfast Club.