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Alternative forms[edit]


barrel +‎ -age


barrelage (countable and uncountable, plural barrelages)

  1. Quantity of beer (or other drink) measured in barrels.
    • 1909, Lord Fitzmaurice, Hansard:
      That is a very large question, and I do not propose to go into it in any detail; but from such figures as I have been able to obtain, I am bound to say that it does appear that there has been not only a diminution, as was pointed out by the Committee, in the barrelage of beer brewed in the United Kingdom, but also in the consumption of spirits.
    • 2011, Andrew Barker, The Publican's Morning Advertiser:
      "We have made real progress since taking over, illustrated by a very healthy increase in barrelage, and the various investments put us in a good position to move forwards," he said.

Usage notes[edit]

Often used to indicate production or consumption over a period of time.