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Blend of bash (disparage, criticize) +‎ hashtag.


bashtag (plural bashtags)

  1. (Internet) A hashtag used to criticize something, especially one that was intended for promotional use but repurposed by users to criticize that which it was intended to promote, or make the opposite point.
    • 2012, Dana O'Rourke, Shopping for Good, The MIT Press, →ISBN, page 22:
      The threat of a viral video or Twitter “bashtag” takedown has raised the cost of direct manipulation and greenwash.
    • 2013, Robert Ashton, Jessica Juby, Writing for the Web: Teach Yourself, McGraw-Hill, unnumbered page:
      The hashtag became a bashtag and Twitter users were instead using it to share their negative experiences of McDonalds,[sic] letting others know about the poor service and bad food they had experienced.
    • 2014, Michael Cross, Social Media Security: Leveraging Social Networking While Mitigating Risk, Syngress, →ISBN, page 99:
      Unfortunately, while you like your product, others may feel differently. It doesn't take long for a hashtag to become a bashtag.