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bat away (third-person singular simple present bats away, present participle batting away, simple past and past participle batted away)

  1. To knock an object, usually a ball, away from oneself.
    The ball can still be batted away with one or both hands. It can be batted from a player's hands or batted away during a shot.
  2. To avoid by diverting the focus of a discussion.
    • 2008, 13 April, in The Observer, Hunger. Strikes. Riots. The food crisis bites, by Robin McKie and Heather Stewart.
      For his part, Hank Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary - asked about the impact of US energy policies on food prices on Friday - tried to bat away the question.
  3. (US, baseball, of a batter) To use one's own judgment to aggressively swing at pitches, rather than following a coaches instructions.
  4. (US, circus slang) To Use any means to take the money of participants in a circus gaming attraction.