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Origin uncertain. Compare Dutch bazuin (trumpet). Attested since the mid nineteenth century.


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bazoo (plural bazoos)

  1. (Canada, US, dated) A simple wind instrument, such as a kazoo or tin horn.
    • 1894, “Splendid work of the National Association of Dental Faculties”, in Dominion Dental Journal[1], volume VI, page 221:
      It goes against the grain to toot one’s own “bazoo
    • 2012, Sharon Davis, Every Chart Topper Tells a Story[2]:
      Born Charles Westover in Coopersville, Michigan, on 30 December 1939, he learned to play the bazoo, ukulele and, eventually, the guitar.
    • 2017 May 1, Peter Jensen Brown, quoting Leavenworth Weekly Times, July 21, 1870, “Bazoo, Kazoo, Bazooka”, in Early Sports and Pop Culture History Blog[3]:
      The bully girl with a crystal optic and tin horn was at the jollification. She “tooted her bazoo” in concert with Hon. Nelson’s horn, and wanted “White husbands or none.”
  2. (US, slang) A person's mouth.
    • 1881, Paul the Pilgrim, “A Wyoming Wedding”, in Wit and Wisdom[4], page 12:
      If any galoot in the mob knows of anything that mout block the game ef tuk to a higher court, let him now toot his bazoo, or else keep his jaw to himself now and forever more.
    • 1902, Francis Lynde, The Master of Appleby, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, page 504:
      "As for the screechin', one bazoo's as good as a dozen, if so be ye blow it fierce enough."
    • 2013, Charles Earle Funk, Thereby Hangs a Tale[5]:
      No doubt you have heard the expression, “He blows his bazoo too much.” In Arkansas that is said of a “windy” guy who talks too much.