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beach hut (plural beach huts)

  1. (UK, Australia) A small, single-room building above high-water mark on a beach that is used for changing into swimming clothes, for recreation, or for temporary storage.
    • 2000, Michael Dregni, 101 Uses for an Old Farm Tractor, Voyageur Press, British Columbia, page 29,
      Kenneth Anderson's 1940s John Deere Model H could also double as a beach hut or lifeguard stand.
    • 2003, Barbara Segall, Jerry Harpur, Gardens by the Sea, page 123,
      Beach huts, owned or leased, are not habitable but can be used as a shelter and changing room on the beach.
    • 2006, Fred Gray, chapter C, in Designing the Seaside: Architecture, Society and Nature[1], page 176:
      Installed in a stark London gallery, Emin's work symbolized the beach hut as icon of the seaside.
    • 2010, Amelia Thomas, Michael Kohn, Miriam Raphael, Dan Savery Raz, Israel & the Palestinian Territories, Lonely Planet, page 395,
      As you travel further south there is a string of mellow beach huts with Buddhist names such as Shanti and Nirvana, catering for small numbers of hip, adventurous young Israelis.
    • 2011, Darwin Porter, Frommer's Caribbean[2], page 77:
      But you'll have to wait in line in the morning to reserve a beach hut, and one never gets used to the sad sight of parrots, toucans, and cockatoos squawking in their cages.


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