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See also: bean cake and bean-cake


Alternative forms[edit]


From bean +‎ cake.


beancake (countable and uncountable, plural beancakes)

  1. (dated) Various forms of tofu, made from soybeans.
    • 1917, Chan Shiu Wong, The Chinese Cook Book[1], page 15:
      Chinese white cheese... Foo yue. (a) Cut bean cake, made of Chinese white beans, into half-inch squares ¼ inch thick. (b) Put into a jar provided with an airtight cover, the size of the jar depending upon the amount to be made. (c) Fill the jar ¼ full of Fun Wine. (d) Salt to taste. (e) Cover air tight and put away for not less than two weeks.
    • 1931, Henry Thurburn Montague Bell, The China Year Book, page 93:
      ...the market for soya bean and its products (bean-cake and bean oil)...
  2. Akara, a west-African fritter made from black-eyed peas.