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beard +‎ -o; in some uses, clearly influenced by weirdo, hence a blend of beard +‎ weirdo.



beardo (plural beardos)

  1. (informal, derogatory) A person with a beard.
    • 1994, Patrick D. Gaffney, The Prophet's Pulpit: Islamic Preaching in Contemporary Egypt, University of California Press, →ISBN, page 90,
      Moreover, in the regional patois one common expression used by outsiders, including unsympathetic shaykhs, to refer to the group was birubū dign, which can be glossed as the “bearded ones” or more colloquially as “beardo’s.”
    • 2000, Salman Rushdie, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Picador, →ISBN, page 331,
      However you get through your day in New York City, well then that’s a New York City kind of day, and if you’re a Bombay singer singing the Bombay bop or a voodoo cab driver with zombies on the brain or a bomber from Montana or an Islamist beardo from Queens, then whatever’s going through your head?, well that’s a New York state of mind.
    • 2003, Suzi Rose, Accidental Heroine: Diary of an Attention Seeker, Authors On Line Ltd, →ISBN,page 146,
      Mr Bore is in his garden again. I went to say Hello and he gave me a really stony look so I went back in. I really don’t know what his problem is. Anti-social beardo (that’s a weirdo with a beard).
    • 2004, Joshua Wright, Plotless Pointless Pathetic, Allen & Unwin, →ISBN, page 119,
      ‘[…] He can’t control the weather. It’s controlled by the atmosphere, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure. It’s not run by just some mouldy old beardo wearing a bed sheet and throwing thunderbolts about.’